Friday, May 28, 2010

Love is a Color

The Sex and the City 2 theme song, sung by Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson, has been released online. It tells us that love is a color and makes you shine. Everything else is just black and white, right? False. But it's a nice song.

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  1. True, it is false, love isn't a color. Mind you, these days pink is the new black and black is the new black, and what is true for Popper is false for Descartes.
    As for love, I think that love is odd. I had a girlfriend and I loved her (indeed love her) to bits. But she kept putting on weight, and I couldn't hide my disconsolation. She is smart, and picked up on it, and confronted me with it, and I said nothing long enough that I might have well have answered. Well. That was the end of that (she kept putting on the weight afterward as well). We could dive in on weight issues, stereotypes and so forth, but that misses the point, which is that you feel as you feel about these things and shouldn't have to rationalize such personal preferences.

    I think she thought that the flaw was with me. However, I once decided that I was not going to go down that path again, because I feel tricked when I make a commitment based on certain expectations (such as physical expectations) and then the rules are changed. It is like when a spouse (or whatever) decides he or she wants six children, and this was not the original deal.

    It's all irrational, and seems to work independent of sexuality, at least for many guys, and certainly for several women I know. Like they say in The God Delusion, you can't make yourself believe something. You either do or do not.